Corona measures

As association we want everybody to enjoy safe sports, so on this page is the important info you need to know before training. The most important rule is always: If you have any symptoms: Stay at home.

Version 2, 2020-11-19

These regulations apply under the set of government regulations as introduced on the 13th of october.

Before training

  • As long as the hall capacity is below 40 people, a sign-up system is employed. You may only join a training if you signed up beforehand, otherwise access can be denied.
  • People that did not join previous training are given priority.
  • Change in and out of your sports clothes at home.
  • Do not arrive earlier than the official start of training.
  • Disinfect hands when entering the sportscentre and follow walkways and instructions of the sportscentre. Do not use the stands and wait until all people of other associations have vacated the hall.
  • Studenttrainers (TOC) arrive 5 minutes early to coördinate materials and entrance. They must also wait until the hall has been vacated by other associations.

Start of training

  • At entrance, participants will get a group identifier for training. After putting away their belongings, they must stay with this group and may not mingle with other groups, also during breaks. This group still has to abide by the 1.5m distance rules.
  • Groups are a maximum of 4 people.
  • Participants in a group are to place their belongings as indicated by a TOC or board member. They are placed in such a way to avoid mingling of groups in breaks.
  • Materials will be prepared by the TOC and distributed by them. Participants are not to grab them of their own accord.
  • A corona coördinator is assigned.

During training

  • 1.5m distance must be kept at all times, also when in play.
  • Participants may not switch personal equipment (e.g. sticks, rackets) among them. In the event this is necessary and approved by the corona coordinator, equipment will be disinfected first.
  • Training will consist either of non-competitive exercises or of sports variants specifically designed with the corona measures in mind. 
  • The corona coördinator can put a halt to any exercise if an exercise turns out unsafe in practice.
  • Exercises are done in such a way that play areas between groups do not overlap.
  • A trainer may move between groups for instructional purposes, but only approach as close as is necessary for the instruction.

After training

  • Training will end at the latest 10 minutes before the next training starts.
  • Participants are to leave the sports materials away from their belongings. The TOC will collect and return the materials.
  • All participants are to leave quickly and orderly. They are to leave on a per group basis.

Information below was applicable before the 13th of October.
As association we want everybody to enjoy safe sports, so on this page is the important info you need to know before training.

  • If you have any symptoms: Stay at home
  • Do not arrive too early, 5 minutes before training is more than enough
  • Disinfect your hands when arriving at the sports centre
  • Follow the walkways and instructions of the sportscentre
  • Change in and out of your sports clothes at home as much as possible
  • As non-member it is sadly not allowed to join any random training. Contact beforehand
  • Follow the national guidelines: . This page does not list the exceptions for sports, but those can be summarized as follows. You do not need to keep distance if it is necessary for normal play of the sport. Once you are no longer playing, the distance rule applies. Do not yell loudly.