Corona measures

As association we want everybody to enjoy safe sports, so on this page is the important info you need to know before training. The most important rule is always: If you have any symptoms: Stay at home.

Version 4, 2021-06-02

These regulations apply under the set of government regulations as introduced on the 23rd of February and going in effect the 5th of June.

Before training

  • Change in and out of your sports clothes at home as much as possible.
  • Do not arrive earlier than the official start of training.
  • Disinfect hands when entering the sportscentre and follow walkways and instructions of the sportscentre. If training is outside, disinfectant will be provided on-site. Do not use the stands and wait until all people of other associations have vacated the hall or field.
  • Studenttrainers (TOC) arrive early to coördinate materials and entrance. 

Start of training

  • Materials will be prepared by the TOC and distributed by them. Participants are not to grab them of their own accord.
  • A corona coördinator is assigned.

During training

  • 1.5m distance must be kept when not in play. Only in regular play may you approach each other closer.
  • Participants may not switch personal equipment (e.g. sticks, rackets) among them. In the event this is necessary and approved by the corona coordinator, equipment will be disinfected first.
  • The corona coördinator can put a halt to any exercise or game.

After training

  • Training will end at the latest 10 minutes before the next training starts.
  • Participants are to leave the sports materials away from their belongings. The TOC will collect and return the materials.
  • All participants are to leave quickly and orderly.