Consultation Evening


19:00 - 21:00



We have called an open consultation evening because the stretchers is a small and fun association. Our goal is not defined by providing facilities for a single sport, but for a group of people to have fun while being active. This flexibility is nice, but it also means that we have to stay up to date about what our members want. Usually we can gather input during and after training, but this is currently not possible.

That means that this evening is not necessarily an emergency and it is also not a real GMA and there will not be any binding votes. We will also not follow a strict agenda, but rather have an open discussion about the one important topic of the evening. We also realise that the short notice this meeting is called could be perceived as alarming, but this is a result of us as a board trying to get clarifications from various parties, and upcoming deadlines. If the date does not suit you, but you want to voice your opinions, thoughts or questions, don’t be afraid to contact the board through email or whatsapp.

You can find the extended information in your email inbox, as well as the discord link for where the meeting will take place.

It is not mandatory, but we would like to ask you to register if you intend to attend.


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