The events committee, also known as the EC, organizes many fun activities every year. Every year there are a number of fixed major events, such as Sinterklaas, the always pleasant closing of the year and of course the closing weekend. Naturally, the EC organizes many more activities than these. Because about once a month there is an activity ready for the Stretchers!

Below is a small overview of the major events that are organized annually. These are also always announced by e-mail. You can sign up via the website.

Traditionally, Sinterklaas is celebrated every year. Some years with a fun Sinterklaas game, other years by drawing old-fashioned lots.

End-of-year closing
Every year, sometime in December, the Annual Closing is organized. A nice evening together to eat and then often go to the Vestingbar. A good way to end the Stretcher year.

Association weekend
A weekend halfway through the year, where the majority of the association comes together. Often on location, to do the many super activities organized by the EC.

Closing weekend
The closing weekend takes place at the end of the year. A beautiful and above all fun way to end a great stretcher year. Naturally, the EC provides the activities that take place during this weekend.

Other activities
In addition to the above major events, numerous smaller activities are organized. A few examples are: the New Year’s reception, the movie games pajama party marathon night and mini golf.

Would you like to help organize these events, or do you have good ideas? Please contact the EC via