The Stretchers don’t only organise trainings in various sports, but we keep an eye out for tournaments of all sorts. We send delegations to many of these, as long as enough people want to join. This page lists a few recurring tournaments where the Stretchers can often be found.

In the past, the Stretchers collaborated with Messed Up to organise a big Stockey Tournament called the ISSTT. ISSTT stands for International Student Stockey Tournament Twente and there are many international teams joining. The Stretchers are not so much involved in the organisation any more, but every year a team is formed to compete. The ISSTT means a weekend with a lot of Stockey, fun and short nights.

Harambee organises a yearly springtime beachvolleyball competition on the excellent beach fields of the UT. The competition is spread out over multiple evenings, one each week. There is a poule system where you can advance or fall in the rankings, so you are guaranteed level competition. Often we send a team to the 4×4 competition for fun and a lot of sand.
Besides this, Harambee also organises the indoor tournament Harambix where the focus is on fun and excentric outfits. If people can find the time and energy, they sometimes play a volleybal match somewhere.

Whether it is an NSK or a OpenUT clubball, often a Stretchers team is present to defend our honour in this sport. Even though we usually play on a larger field, during these tournaments we can definitely compete.

NK Apenkooien
Then to mention one of the glorious achievements of the Stretchers, in December 2006 we participated in the Dutch national Championship Apenkooien (a combination of tag and the floor is lava). The Stretchers delegation made Heino unsafe and their efforts landed them the second place. Generally, the Stretchers don’t compete on a high level, but this show that there are some sports where we can excel.

The list given above is only of some of the yearly recurring tournaments that we (try to) participate in, but there are many more tournaments that may not occur as often or where we don’t always participate. Good examples of this are the beachhandball tournament or the Batavierenrace. And the TOC always keeps its eyes open for more tournaments that are interesting. Are you aware of a tournament that would fit the Stretchers, do not hesitate to shoot an email to the TOC!