Without committees our association wouldn’t exist. D.B.V the Stretchers has the following committees:

Event Committee (EC)

The EC organizes all the fun events for every Stretcher. It makes sure that every month every Stretcher can do something else than the regular training. Would you be interested to help? Sign up then for the EC!

ISSTT Committee

On the first weekend after the Christmas holidays, the Stretchers organize the International Student Stockey Tournament Twente (ISSTT). This is a big tournament you don’t set up overnight, as it has around 60 teams and 400 participants, so we have a special committee to organize this amazing tournament.

Do you think it would be a nice challenge to organize an international tournament? Sign up then for the ISSTT committee!

Technical Committee (TOC)

De TOC is the technical committee of the Stretchers and is responsible for leading the training in the right direction. They make the schedule for all the sports we will be playing in the coming time. But that ain’t everything the TOC does! They also give technical training every now and then. Furthermore, the TOC makes sure that we participate in some tournaments every now and then. Would you be interested to help? Sign up then for the TOC!


You are on the website of D.B.V. the Stretchers at the moment. This website is entirely designed and made by the WebCo. Do you have any good ideas for the website? Just contact the WebCo via, or even better, sign up for the WebCo!


The KasCo is the committee that checks if everything with the finances is going fine. It will check if the Treasurer is doing what he/she is supposed to do.

We also have a historical overview of our committees and their members