About D.B.V. De Stretchers

D.B.V. de Stretchers is the multi-sports club of the University of Twente. We’re different from other student sports associations in that we not focus one a single sport, but allow our members to do a whole range of sports and games. Every training session we play at least two different types of sport. You can find our entire repertoire over here. The schedule is determined by the combined preferences of all our members, so the more popular a certain sport is the more often we play it. Your level of play doesn’t matter, we only ask of our members to have fun, have sportsmanship and enjoy themselves.

Next to our training sessions, we try to participate in a range of tournaments as well. Most of the sports we play do have annual tournaments, so whenever we can build a team for a certain tournament we join. Examples of tournaments we almost always join are the floorball tournament ISSTT (which we co-organize with Messed Up), a Clubball tournament, and Harambix, a volleyball tournament.

Besides our weekly training sessions, we organize events such as barbecues, movie nights, game nights and the annual camping trip.

If you want to know more, get to know us or just try a training session you’re always welcome to join a session. The contribution amounts to €26,- a year, and you need to have a UnionCard and have paid the association fee.