Technical Training Unihockey


20:00 - 21:30


Sporthal 2, Sporthal
Student Union Boulevard, Enschede, 7522

Thanks to the efforts of Allard we will have a special kind of training this Monday, a so called ‘technical training’. In such a training we focus on one specific sport, and focus on improving our skill level and technique(s) of the sport.

This training unihockey will be in the spotlight. This will especially be usefull for the people that participate in the ISSTT unihockey tournament, but of course we welcome everyone to the training. More specifically, we hope to do more of these ‘technical’ trainings in the future, and hope you will enjoy this incidental twist to the regular training.

Instead of the TOC, two members of the unihockey association will organise this training for us. We thus actually get to learn from the ‘experts’. We hope to see you all this Monday and don’t miss out on this special training!