Walk & Talk week 13


28/03/2021 - 29/03/2021
00:00 - 23:30



Socially this is a difficult time for all of us since due to the lockdown social contact can be few and far between. Given the social character of our association we want to stimulate social contact in a safe and easy way. Even though there is some room for sports, training will not replace social contact. Instead we want to give you a simple and easy way to meet each other in a more personal and relaxed manner. 

Every week you can sign up and at the beginning of the week you will be matched to one other person. Then you will also be presented with an activity you can do or take inspiration from which you can then do during the week together in person. You are free to choose your time and place between yourselves, of course, but we hope that this provides a low bar for entry so you can have variation (which is of course the spice of life) in your week. These activities will be simple things as well, things from taking a walk through a park, doing a simple workout or drinking tea together. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask the board!


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