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Sinterklaas has arrived again in the country, so it is time for the annual Sinterklaas activity! The activity will take place on Sunday, November 28th from 14:00, location to be determined. During the activity, we will play the “Sinterklaas dobbelspel” (freely translated as the dice game) and, importantly, have a lot of fun. To play the game, please bring three gifts worth in total about €5. It doesn’t really matter what the gift is or how much money you spend on it, but this is a rough guideline.
However, there is one gift that is generally not that much appreciated, and that is an infection with COVID. To minimise the risk of you receiving this gift, we take the following measures:
– The event will be held on a Sunday, such that we can finish before 18:00 (as demanded by new government regulations);
– The event will be “Testen voor Toegang”, so make sure to bring your QR-code and ID!
– We will make sure there is sufficient and spacious seating, to avoid everyone walking through one another
– We will make sure to not put the kruidnoten in one big jar, to avoid them from becoming COVID-noten
However, we also need your help to make it a safe event. Therefore, please register before Wednesday, November 24th, 23:59. This is a little early, but gives us some time to take appropriate measures if the group becomes rather large. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you do not come in case you display symptoms of an infection.

We hope to see many of you at the activity!

StretcherKlaas and EC-Piet


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