18:30 - 22:59



The academic year is coming to an end and we will close off this year together. On 10 July we will have a nice evening where we will have drinks and play board games. But next to that, there will also be a show: the Stretch-Factor! This show consists of acts performed by our own members, and you can join if you like. If you can play an instrument, juggle, sing, write stories, draw, dance, present, know all capitals of the world or have another talent, and want to share this with us, you should definitely join! Here is how it works:

  • If you would like to do something (~5-10 min.), fill in this form: This is not definitive yet, so please fill in any idea that you have. Deadline is 3 July.
  • The show is not competitive, it is just for fun. If you are worried about not being good enough, don’t be! It is a safe space.
  • You can sign up on your own, but you can also sign up with a group.
  • If you are looking for other people to collaborate with, you can indicate this in the form.
  • A stage, piano, music installation and screen will be available. Any other stuff should be brought by yourself.

If you are not planning to perform, you are still very welcome to enjoy the performances and have a nice evening. Please sign-up if you are planning to attend (regardless of whether or not you’re performing.).

The Stretch-Factor will take place on 10 July 18:30 in the Skybox on campus. Participation is free. The shows start at 19:00.



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