Indoor Training – Signup only


19:15 - 20:30


Sportcentre SC4
De Hems 20, Enschede, 7522NL

This training is indoor, but this week not in our regular sportshall, but in Sportshall 4 (SC4), which is also known as the “houten zaal”. Our training times are also different just this week, from 19:15 to 20:30.

This training is under the government regulations of 13 october (dutch: ,  english: )

We have also updated our own sports protocol which you can find here. Please read this in full before coming to training, but in short: when placing your stuff, please go as far to the back as possible and spread it out, keep 1.5m distance at all times, you will be assigned groups at the start of training, maximum group of 4, do not mingle with other groups.

The amount of spots is limited to 13!


This event is fully booked.